Here at Absolute window cleans, we like to ensure that customer satisfaction is at the forefront of all we do, as such we have invested in the best equipment, to ensure the best results are achieved. We offer seperate techniques for cleaning your windows, this gives you the option to best suit your needs.

Traditional cleaning:

The traditional cleaning method consists of applying clean soapy water on the glass using an applicator, and removing the soap and dirt with a squeegee. The squeegees we use are designed to reach into the corners of your windows, and to remove as much of the water as possible, this thus ensures that we are giving your windows the best clean possible. Not only do we clean your glass, we also include the cleaning of your frames, sills and doors within the price of all our quotes.

Water fed pole cleaning:

The latest technology in the window cleaning sector is the water fed pole system. The system consists of using a fine non scratch brush to agitate the dirt on your windows, and then remove the agitated dirt via the pure water being sprayed on the glass to rinse the dirt away. The pure water we use is not the same water that comes out of your home tap, instead the water has undergone a three stage filtration procress, which removes all of the chemicals, impurities and dirt, ensuring only the purest water is left. By using pure water to clean your windows, we can ensure that no streaks or dirt are left on your windows, and you are instead left with a gleaming spotless windows. Our extension poles enable us to reach all of the most awkward windows, and we can reach up to heights of 6 stories. As with the traditional method, all frames, sills and doors are included within our prices.