Pressure washing can bring real vitality back to your external space, whether this is a patio area, driveway or a car park. Often one of the first things people will notice is the external appearence of your property, and this can be ruined by excessive moss growth or algae covered surfaces.

We use the best machines possible within the industry, and all of our staff have been fully trained to maintain excellent standards throughout. Not only will we clean your external areas, we will also resand all blockpaving cleaned, and can provide the extra service of sealing your surfaces, this will help with the longevity of your new clean.

Not only will cleaning the external surfaces at your property help to brighten up the look of your premises, it will also help to ensure that you are protecting your visitors, as you remove the chance of slippages on algae or moss.

Softwashing is the softer variant of pressure washing, usually used for such surfaces as cladding, rendering and brickwork, however softwashing can also be used on slabbing, blockpaving and decking.

This process uses specially designed chemicals which are applied to the specified surface and left to agitate the dirt underneath. The chemicals are applied using a chemical pump and fan applicator, ensuring an even covering over the surface. Once the chemical has had time to do its work, it is them rinsed off to leave a beautiful clean surface for you to enjoy.